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Kashmir is the principal region in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, The other tow supplementary units being Jammu and Ladakh, The say  a visit to Kashmir can divide you life into two halves before and after Kashmir. For indeed after a trip to this unforgettable land, you are never quite the same again, Nestling in the top of dazzling, Snow capped Himalayas, the Kashmir Valley is undoubtedly a jewel in India's crown, An inspiration for  so much art, Music and poetry, Kashmir is also a honeymooner's paradise, a nature lover's wonderland and a shopper's dream come true. Kashmir, is the legendary valley touched with such benediction that poets have showered hyperbolic adjectives on it. It has snow in winter and bring, mild sunshine from April to November.

Kashmir is Paradise of Earth, It is a multi-faceted diamond, changing its hues with the seasons - always extravagantly beautiful. Two major Himalayan ranges, the Great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal, surround the landscape from the north and south respectively. Kashmir is a land where myriad holiday ideas are realised. In winter, when snow carpets the mountains, there is skiing, tobogganing, sledge-riding, etc. along the gentle slopes. In spring and summer, the honey-dewed orchards, rippling lakes and blue skies beckon every soul to sample the many delights the mountains and valleys have to offer. more>>

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